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Since 2006, MainStreet Oceanside has contracted with the City of Oceanside to bring much needed services to the 1,000,000+ visitors to the beach area surrounding the Oceanside Pier. As the master concessionaire, MainStreet Oceanside contracts with carefully selected vendors to provide services at the beach such as food and beverages, watersports equipment rentals, bicycle rentals and surf instruction.


These services and activities are provided in a manner that is sensitive to existing land uses, promotes public safety and accessibility for all beach visitors, minimizes adverse effects on water quality and preserves natural and cultural resources. 



The MainStreet Oceanside Beach Services Program offers many opportunities for qualified vendors. 

The objective of a successful concessionaire will be to provide high quality services or food products at reasonable prices and to promote a safe, enjoyable and high-quality recreational experience for all beach visitors.

Proposals are always being accepted in the following areas: 

• Services
• Education/Training
• Food Products
• Communication
• Information
• Transportation
• Equipment Rental
• Banking
• Personal Property Storage (basket check/lockers)

Retail sales are not currently allowed at the beach. Call our office for more information.



• 50 week per year operation
• High Season (Memorial Day through Labor Day: 6 days per week operation
• Low Season (Labor Day through Memorial Day: 3 days per week operation
• Possible utility usage
Vendor will be provided with or construct their own portable operating kiosk and storage facilities which will be situated in a specified location for day to day operation. Structure and paint scheme to be approved by MainStreet Oceanside.


• High Season Only (Memorial Day through Labor Day: 4 to 6 days per week operation)
• No Low Season operation
• Possible limited on-site storage
• Possible utility usage 
Vendor will provide a portable structure; style and color to be approved by MainStreet Oceanside.


• Primarily High Season
• High Demand Weekends - Holidays - Special Events
• Non-traditional locations 
• Daily removal - no on-site or overnight storage
• No utilities (self-contained)
Vendor will provide a traveling/mobile type unit, style and color to be approved by MainStreet Oceanside

NOTE: All Beach Services providers will be subject to certain black-out dates to be determined by MainStreet Oceanside and the City of Oceanside.


Oceanside Beach Services concessionaires must demonstrate their ability to represent the City of Oceanside and MainStreet Oceanside in a professional, business-like manner.

At a minimum, a successful applicant will be required to:

1. Provide a cash security deposit based on expected annual gross revenues (see contract). 

2. Provide Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. 

3. Implement record keeping systems as specified by Main Street Oceanside, Inc. 

4. Provide proof of proper registration with all taxing and licensing authorities. 

5. Obtain all necessary permits and approvals to comply with applicable health, safety and environmental codes and regulations. 

6. Agree to the provisions of the “Procedures and Regulations Agreement” and the “Concession Agreement” including, but not limited to, those sections specifying rates, charges and quality of goods and services; performance evaluations and inspections; taxes; housekeeping, maintenance, repair and removal; utilities and services; resource conservation; hazardous substances; signs and advertising; nondiscrimination; drug-free workplace; disabilities access laws; employee training; attire/uniform; indemnification and independent contractor status. 



What types of providers or services are you seeking?

The goal of the MainStreet Oceanside Beach Services program is to enhance the public use of the beach and the ocean and promote a safe, enjoyable and high-quality recreational experience for all beach visitors. Proposals from vendors are being sought for (but not limited to) a wide variety of categories: 

• Services 
• Education/Training 
• Food Products 
• Communication 
• Information 
• Transportation 
• Equipment Rental 
• Banking 
• Personal Property Storage (basket check) 

Retail products may not be sold at the beach.

How will the proposals be evaluated?

Proposals will be evaluated by the MainStreet Oceanside staff. Criteria of particular interest will be demonstrated experience in similar locations, quality of equipment and/or vending apparatus, financial strength, and references. Special consideration will be given to business members in the MainStreet Oceanside district and to Oceanside businesses and residents.


How much will I pay in rent?

Rents are calculated as a percentage of gross sales and range from 12.5% to 15%. Rent will be collected by MainStreet Oceanside. 

What is the deadline to submit my application?

There is no deadline for any proposal. Due to infrastructure issues, however, proposals for the first phase of Type 1 (Permanent) Vendors should be received by January 30 in order to be considered for the upcoming season. Since infrastructure issues for Type 2 and Type 3 Vendors are less significant, proposals in these categories will be considered all year long.

Who will provide day-to-day management of the Beach Services program?

The Beach Services Program is operated by MainStreet Oceanside through a master contract with the City of Oceanside. MainStreet Oceanside has been charged with the oversight and management of the Beach Services program. Day-to-day management of the program will be provided by an employee of MainStreet Oceanside.


What type of structure will be provided?

Currently, there are no permanent structures available in the beach area for vending. Type 1 (Permanent) Vendors will be required to construct their own portable operating kiosk and storage facilities which will be situated in a specified location for day to day operation. Type 2 (Semi-permanent) and Type 3 (Traveling/Mobile) Vendors will, by definition, operate out of a self-provided portable structure.

Why are Type 1 (Permanent) Vendors restricted to a portable structure?

Because attendance at the beach is seasonal in nature, Beach Services locations may need to be reconfigured from season to season. In addition, special events in the beach area may also require a temporary reconfiguration.

Where will the beach concessions be located?

The Beach Services territory will encompass the public areas defined by these boundaries: 

Western: The Strand Street and beach 
Northern: Breakwater Way 
Southern: Wisconsin Street 

Vending opportunities may be available on the following city-owned properties: 

• Amphitheatre/Amphitheatre Plaza 
• Betty’s Lot 
• Locations below the pier and adjacent to Beach Community Center 
• Tyson Park 
• Seagaze Park 
• Wisconsin Street Lot 
• Public Right of Way locations on The Strand 

A map of suggested locations is available from the MainStreet Oceanside office. Space will be allocated and assigned during the selection process. Your preference may be indicated in your proposal.

Why does the contract call for “black-out” dates and what does that mean?

Oceanside’s beach area plays host to a wide variety of special events and major holiday celebrations. Conditions may arise that will periodically impact the ability to conduct the normal delivery of beach services to the public. MainStreet Oceanside will reserve the right to declare periodic “black-out” dates as circumstances may dictate. 

All questions regarding the Oceanside Beach Services program should be directed to:

Kim Heim

Beach Services Manager

(760) 754-4512 x104



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