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How to apply as an approved Sunset Market vendor:

1) Determine your appropriate category:

• Retail/Crafts/Artisan: cash and carry merchandise sales.
• Jewelry: cash and carry sales that includes any jewelry.
• Apparel: cash and carry sales that includes any apparel.
• Perishable Unpackaged Foods: food prepared on site for immediate consumption.
• Non-perishable/Prepackaged Foods: premeasured, sealed prepared foods.
• Commercial: lead generation and literature distribution (not cash and carry).
• Non-profit Organizations: not for profit groups and community organizations.

• Political Organizations: 501(c)4 corporations and other organizations promoting a political viewpoint.


• Agriculture/Nursery: plants and flowers (see the Market Manager for more information).

NOTE: The Sunset Market is currently at capacity in some categories. Call the office at (760) 754-4512 for more information. Prospective vendors in these categories may apply to be placed on the waiting list. CLICK HERE for more information on the waiting list process.

2) Download the vendor application in your chosen category:

Click on the appropriate button below to download an application. Applications are also available in our office at 701 Mission Avenue and at the Sunset Market.

3) Complete the application and submit it to MainStreet Oceanside. You can mail it or drop it by our office. Remember, the only thing the Selection Committee has to judge you by is your application. Answer each question completely and provide as much information as possible about your operation. Photos are always helpful and appreciated. We have included a handy checklist on the last page of every application to make sure you have included everything we need to evaluate your application. The Selection Committee meets every Tuesay so your application will be reviewed on the Tuesday following your submittal (and not before). You will be contacted by the Sunset Market staff after your application has been reviewed by the Committee.

4) Read the Rules and Regulations of the Sunset Market. While you are waiting for your application to be reviewed, you should download and read a copy of the Sunset Market Rules and Regulations. Click on the button below. If your application is approved, you will be responsible for reading, understanding and complying with this document.

5) That's it! Successful applicants will be notified as soon as space is available with a start date, space number and load-in procedures.


Required after six appearances in the Sunset Market. MainStreet Oceanside provides this information as a courtesy. Business licenses are issued by the City of Oceanside at 300 N. Coast Highway. Questions may directed to the City Business License Office at 760-435-3878.

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