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How much does it cost to participate in the Sunset Market? 

See the RATES page.

Are there any items that cannot be sold at the Sunset Market?

The following items are prohibited from the market: weapons, replica weapons, tobacco and drug paraphernalia, items that promote the use of illicit substances, pornographic materials and/or any other item that is deemed distasteful by the Sunset Market Committee. MainStreet Oceanside and the Sunset Market Committee at their sole discretion reserve the right to refuse any item and/or vendor for any reason.

Do I need a Seller's Permit from the State of California and how do I get one?

You must obtain a Seller's Permit if you are engaged in business in California and intend to sell items that would ordinarily be subject to sales tax if sold at retail. More information is available at the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration website. CLICK HERE. The local field office is located at 15015 Avenue of Science, Suite 200, San Diego, California 92128. Telephone (858) 385-4700. 

Do I need a City of Oceanside business license to participate in the Sunset Market? 

Yes. All vendors who sell in the Sunset Market must obtain a business license from the City of Oceanside prior to their 7th night in the market. This allows for a six week trial period before it is necessary for you to purchase a business license. Direct your questions to the Business License Division of the City of Oceanside at (760) 435-3878 or the Sunset Market Manager.

What type of permit will I need to sell food items? 

ALL FOOD SALES in San Diego County are regulated by the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health (also known as County Health). The California Health and Safety Code section 114387 requires a Temporary Food Facility (TFF) Permit of any person or organization providing food at a public event. All food vendors, including existing restaurants, are required to apply for a Temporary Food Facility Permit when participating in a temporary event.

MOST HOME-PREPARED FOODS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Foods stored, handled or prepared at home are normally not allowed within a Temporary Food Facility with some exceptions allowed by the new Cottage Foods Law. To see what foods are allowed to be prepared in a home kitchen click here. ALL FOOD SELLERS INCLUDING HOME KITCHENS MUST HAVE A COUNTY HEALTH PERMIT.

ALL FOOD HANDLERS are required by San Diego County Code to possess either a valid food handler card issued by a county-authorized food handler training school or a County of San Diego food handler test administered by the current food safety manager who has passed a state-approved food safety certification exam.

All food vendors at the Sunset Market must be in possession of a Temporary Food Facility (TFF) permit PRIOR to submitting an application to sell food at the Market. We regret that we cannot accept an application to sell food at the Sunset Market without an existing TFF permit. We rely on the certification process at County Health to pre-qualify applicants for the Sunset Market.

San Diego County Department of Environment Health:


Telephone: (800) 253-9933

PREPACKAGED FOODS: Due to the unique and varied characteristics of this category, vendors of non-perishable/prepackaged foods are handled on a case by case basis. Contact the Sunset Market staff for more information on necessary permits.

What supplies will I need to bring with me as a vendor at the Sunset Market?

MainStreet Oceanside provides you with your booth space and electrical service within 100 feet of your booth.

You will need to provide the following:
1) a canopy of appropriate size
2) tables and table covers

3) backdrop for your booth (most booths are back-to-back)
4) display fixtures
5) portable lighting (the market hours extend past sunset)
5) signage
6) 100 foot electrical extension cord AND a surge protected plug strip

Who serves on the Sunset Market Oversight Committee?

The Sunset Market Committee is composed of the Sunset Market staff, the Executive Director of MainStreet Oceanside, several members of the MainStreet Oceanside Board of Directors and several Sunset Market vendors. This group has many years of special events production experience and works hard to enhance the Sunset Market experience for Oceanside residents and visitors alike.

If my application is approved, how soon will I be able to participate in the Sunset Market?

Once your application is approved, we will work to get you into the Sunset Market as soon as possible. In some cases, you may be able to book space in the Market right after your application is approved. Many approved vendors will immediately become eligible to use the call-in process to fill any vacant booths on a week-to-week basis.

What is the process for becoming a vendor at the Morning Farmers Market?

MainStreet Oceanside's Morning Farmers Market is operated separately from the Sunset Market with independent policies and procedures. For more information about vending opportunities at this market, contact the market manager Mark Bendixen at (760) 791-3241.

Can I reserve a booth space that is larger than the listed sizes?

At this time, all new vendors are limited to a 10' x 10' space except those vendors preparing food on-site.

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